"I hired a pixie from pixie tribe to entertain at my daughters 5th birthday party and it was the perfect entertainment for the group.  "Blossom" was very funny and had the kids' attention the entire time.  She did a performance w some magic tricks and a cute mouse puppet. She had the kids participate w the tricks which they enjoyed.  Then she followed with animal balloons and creative face painting.   We even had a smaller group of kids then we expected (5 instead of 8) and it was still worth it for the memorable experience." - 5/5 stars from Sarah in Sacramento - 2018


"What wonderful ladies. They have such fun loving personalities and did a great job face painting my kids and making them balloons. Engaged the kids in conversation and they loved every minute." - 5/5 stars from M.S. in Sacramento - 2016


"Pixie Tribe, (aka Santa Pixie Elves) worked for several hours at our special fundraiser for the Crocker Art Museum and Creative Arts League of Sacramento at the Crocker Holiday Artisan Market 2015 over the Thanksgiving weekend at Scottish Rite Center. Blossom, and the other charming pixie elves created quite a happy stir among our guests of all ages with their engaging personalities, face painting and animal balloons! These young performers were professional, dependable and talented beyond measure and their participation in our special event added a great deal to the warm and festive ambience of the Crocker Holiday Artisan Market 2015. I highly recommend them!" 5/5 stars from Connie S. in Sacramento - 2016


"Blossom was awesome  she loves her job! And she makes you smile was very professional and fun." -5/5 stars from Sarah M in Sacramento - 2016


"We had Blossom come out to our twins first birthday party and she was beyond fabulous!! She was so great with all the kiddos, and catered to every age in the group from zero to 10+. She did balloon animals, animal puppets (which were awesome), and beautiful face painting! We are so glad she was a part of our twins' special day!! Thank you so much!" -5/5 stars from Allison in Sacramento -2016


"Met these amazing faries at the park super amazing and fun !!!" 5/5 stars from Bobbi in Sacramento - 2016


"I hired a Pixie tribe to watch after 7 of of the youngest cousins for my daughter's wedding weekend. The Pixies took on our little tribe with fun and exceptional kindness toward both the parents and children (ages 3 months to 6 yrs). The Pixie caring for the infants was fully immunized and CPR certified! The parents were free to fully engage with the social events of the weekend, as the next generation played happily together. We were all very pleased to have the Pixies among us. For the wedding, they came in formal attire as "undercover nannies". For the rehearsal dinner they were familiar caregivers in the hotel suite. For the "Cousins' Luncheon", they were subtle Pixies who quietly entertained and tended to all the needs of our kids and facitated bonding between the little cousins. They never upstaged the bride as they played with our youngest guests, Parents and children had a great stress free weekend together. I highly recommend this set up for the littlest wedding guests!" -5/5 stars from Diane in Sacramento